8230 Balatonfüred Jókai utca 28.
Telefon: 87/343 643, 30/300 2304 Fax: 87/482 817

Location for conferences and programmes

Hotel Astoria is also capable of orgainising conferences for up to 30-40 people. Standing reception is possible or to place the seats in rows or in a U-shape for a seated reception in a room with large windows, lit by natural sunlight.

It is teamwork that helps a company become a community and stabilize, strengthen itself. It is possible to organise team building trainings either in the Hotel or in Balatonfüred, even in its vicinity - in which we gladly help on demand. (Adventure Island Tihany, sailing, dragon boat rental …etc.)

Equipments of the room:

  • flipchart
  • projector
  • television
  • internet connection
  • amplifier