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Balatonfüred is the oldest holiday centre of the northern shore of Lake Balaton. Its popularity is primarily due to Lake Balaton (the largest freshwater lake of Central Europe), and last but not least, to the aerated mineral springs and the climate similar to the Mediterranean. The most famous natural resource is the acidulous water of Balatonfüred, which was declared medicinal water in 1971. The acidulous water of Balatonfüred is still consumable nowadays at the Kossuth and Ernő Szekér fountains and at the Berzsenyi and Schneider wells, as well. The Lóczy Cave, the Koloska, the Kéki and the Malom Valleys can be found at the foot of the Tamás Hill located to the north encircling the town. Numerous tourist paths connect these locations, which offer pleasant hiking opportunities for the tourists. A wonderful panoramic view of the city and Lake Balaton unfolds from the look-out tower on top of Tamás Mountain. The development of the city began in the Reform Era in the 1800s. It was a beloved meeting place of progressive politicians and artists. The first Anna Ball was organised in 26th June 1825 which since then it became a tradition and the most prestigious event of Balatonfüred. The first Hungarian speaking stone theatre of Transdanubia was opened in 1831. Its ruins can still be seen up to this day within the territory of Kiserdő. The three-day municipal program called „Romantic Reform Era – A walk amongst centuries” is annually organised in September. The evoked era offers a unique, matchless programme and milieu due to its historical characteristics and its moments that are typical of Füred only.

An incredibly vast amount of historical monuments belong to the city, which can be seen even these days: Blaha Lujza Villa (4 Blaha St ), Jókai Mór Villa (currently Jókai Memorial Museum, 1 Honvéd St), Round Church (1 Blaha St), Vaszary Villa (2 Honvéd St), Dőry Villa (currently Hotel Astoria, 28 Jókai Mór St), villa of the first spa-manager of the Heart Sanatorium (currently Municipal Museum, 3 Blaha St ), Lipták House (currently Hungarian Translators‘ House, 36 Petőfi Sándor St), the holiday home of Ádám Pálóczi Horváth (currently Ferencsik János Conservatory, Ady Endre St ), the ruins of Saint Michael’s Church (next to Vázsonyi St leading to Balatonszőlős), Heart Sanatorium and Kossuth Fountain ( 2 Gyógy square), Horváth House (3 Gyógy square), Great Inn (currently Hotel Anna Grand), Engel Villa (currently: House of the Balatonian Wines, - 5 Blaha St), Kisfaludy Gallery (2 Kisfaludy St), Tagore Promenade…etc.

The traditions of wine-culture in Balatonfüred go way back in time. The Balatonfüred- Csopak wine region consists of a territory of 6,350 acres of grape plantations. The most peculiar wine types of the Balaton region are: Italian Riesling, Rizlingszilváni, Chardonnay, Muscately, Tramini, Zweigelt. Numerous wineries work on preserving tradition: Figula Winery, Koczor Winery, Salánki Winery, Söptei Winery, …etc. Notable municipal events: Wine Weeks of Balatonfüred (annually in August), Fish and Wine Feast of Lake Balaton (during the last weekend of June), Grape-gathering Festival (annually in September)…etc.

Balatonfüred is unimaginable without sailing. It is often referred to as the citadel of domestic sailing. It is home for numerous domestic and international championships year by year. Season Opening and Season Closing, Blue Riband, Blue Ribbon and the Széchenyi István Memorial Regatta, ...etc.

Balatonfüred offers numerous opportunities for the lovers of active relaxation as well. Besides the water sports of Lake Balaton (water-ski course, surfing, sailing, rowing,…etc.), Annagora Aquapark provides unforgettable entertainment possibilities for the lovers of water chutes. Indoor and traditional tennis courts are located at various points of the city. A GoKart course is available for GoKart drivers at the corner of Munkácsy and Germering St. Visitors are welcome to a smaller adventure park of Brázay beach and to a larger adventure park of the Gödrös beach in Tihany. The bicycle track around Lake Balaton provides an enormous experience for the bicycle riders (210 kilometers). The city hasn’t forgotten about hikers, the vicinity is explorable by walking multiple tourist routes.